Science: Natural and Unnatural

This page provides extracts from authentic, unconsciously humorous answers to school exam questions and essays, gathered from a compilation by Viking Press published under the pseudonym of Alexander Abingdon in 1952. The selected extracts, edited and rearranged, are reproduced for readers in countries where the book is in the public domain, which, to the best of our knowledge, includes Australia (because more than 50 years have passed since the book's publication and because the so-called anonymous rule applies). For other countries, please check your local copyright laws.

The scientist keeps his mind absolutely blank to argument

A non-experimental science is one which can't be experimented with. An example of this is the atomic bomb.

Q. In what three states does matter exist? A. Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas.

Sea water has the formula CH20

Iron was discovered because someone smelt it

The two main types of trees are evergreen and assiduous

Pollination is by wind and bees, whereas fertilization is did by man with manure, rich dirt, etc

The Indians many years ago discovered a way to make fire by means of fiction

Three heavenly bodies are the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

The moon is more important than the sun because it shines at night when you need the light

I can't exactly explain what a vacuum is, but I have it in my head

We make a right angle out of a straight line by bisecting the hypothesis


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